Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well, I'm reading Langston Hughes...

I'm reading poems by Langston Hughes, and my favorite is "I Dream a World". 
I think that's one beautiful piece of poetry, very, very moving. I'd actually like to hear it made into a song!

I know this is a book blog...

...But,  I need to show you something I did!

I made the million-dollar edit! When it was announced that Kris Allen won American Idol (shocking me) I made the edit!
Adam was a good sport about it (I've seen some losers become vicious) and I will gladly buy both of their albums.

Anyhow, I read Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman. I found it... interesting, to say the least, although it made me question his very sanity, I particularly thought that the structure with which he wrote his poems was actually quite interesting, I hadn't seen any other like it.
I give him about 3.5 stars (personally).

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm taking up another instrument....

Well, I'm busy narrowing it down, and I'll find which one I want soon.
What does this have to do with a book blog, you ask?
Well, I'm going to have to find books relating to my instrument, naturally!
So, I have:

The Mijwiz
The Erhu
The Gopichand
The Esraj
The Ektara
The Irish Flute
Or, I'll find a set of chimes/gongs of sorts. I'm still searching (although a set of chimes/gongs would be cool!)

I can play most instruments in a few minutes by ear, so once I find the instrument for me, I'll give you a video ASAP!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I just finished A Man Named Dave.

Satisfying end to a trilogy.


It was truly amazing. 6 Stars. Period.
In this book you can feel Mr. Pelzers pain, and have something of an idea of what he went through, not only the physical pain inflicted upon him, but the mental, and emotional pain.
He felt like he was literally nobody, nobody at all. He believed at one point that he deserved all that he went through. Finally he realizes he was lied to by his own mother. Yet, despite having his very identity ripped from his very being, he was still able to forgive. He understood what it was to be dehumanized, and because of this, he wouldn't call his former wife his ex, simply because he viewed that as a way to take the person away from her.
This is a truly amazing conclusion to A Child Called It and The Lost Boy, I beg you to drop down to your local library or bookstore and buy all three. They're truly inspiring, and you cannot, despite your best efforts, put them down.

When you finish, give them to somebody else, pass them around, they are truly magnificent (although I warn the sensitive that these books will have you crying. Hard.)