Friday, July 24, 2009

The Phoenix Sentinel

The Phoenix Sentinel
By Jourdan Cameron
Based on the duty of the dragon in Beowulf

“These words here are my last to you, my only child, the sole survivor of our people. Thus, I shall make them count.” So spoke the mighty dragon, eternal guardian of the riches of the Atlanteans. “Three hundred and ninety-four years I have been the protector of all you see surrounding you. I was assigned this work by one in a similar position to mine- his family, friends, and every trace of his people was wiped out entirely. So it is with us.” The little winged lizard looked up at its parent. Though it was born shortly after Wiglaf had left with the body of its parents killer- the man who was also responsible for its birth, since such a debilitating incision is necessary for it to leave its parents diaphragm- it sensed the danger it would have been in, and after the deathstroke to its parent, remained inside until it was safe to leave.
“Now, little one” uttered its parent “you must remain here no longer. The Danes will return for the gold, this-” the dragon cut itself off in mid-sentence. “This so-called treasure sickens me” he said “It has cost innocent people their lives. I was the one who slaughtered them, mercilessly.” It begged its tiny offspring never to follow its footsteps. “I had taken a vow which I was bound by- to always protect these rotten piles of gold. Don’t ever promise to protect something that will take lives.” The old dragon gasped, as its time was running out, lifeblood seeping away. “Now please, become a guardian to the Danes” The little lizard was shocked by its parents statement. It wanted to know why it should protect the very people responsible for its parents demise. “Because the Danes are noble, you must help them. The Swedes must be stopped- if they go on unhindered, they will destroy the Danes.” The great beast started to wheeze on his words. “Now please, the Swedes will kill innocent people, regardless of their stance in the war, and-” the words were interrupted by yet another gasp “and the Swedes will terrorize the people.”
The great reptile felt its head begin to swim, as its vision began failing.
“I feel something great within you, my child, a phoenix. One day you shall ignite, but mentally not literally. I name you Beowulf. I name you after my killer, and our savior. Now you must leave, I hear the Danes arriving. Remember, you will only accomplish as much as you think you can.”
The tiny lizards wings were massive compared to the rest of his body. He unfurled them for the very first time, and was possessed by the overwhelming urge to move them. He could feel his wings become rigid, and as he moved his wings, up and down, he could feel himself slowly rising. Once he gained sufficient altitude, he leaned backwards. He fell back to the ground. Still eager to use his wings, he repeated the process, but this time, he leaned forward. He was dropping, but he was dropping forward. He could feel the air rush through the various chambers of his scales, as he advanced towards the exit. His parent was correct- the Danes were advancing towards him, although they were still miles away. He rose on a thermal, the warm breeze pulling him ever upward. He looked down at the countryside from the sky, and new it was the dawn of a new era. The Era of the Phoenix Sentinel.

©2009 Jourdan Cameron

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