Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On something great I stand

At this moment in this time, on something great I stand,
upon the precipice, the very edge, on the verge of a great thing grand.
Incoming is fresh opportunity,
new chances and potential;
I'm sitting on its ledge.
The untouched land,
awaiting harvest,
of glittering beaches and verdant forest.
Entering my view,
it soon will be here,
prodding away- the gloom to clear,
This will be a brand new year.

It sings the song of high potential,
a melody luxoriously long;
quite sentimental.
Ideas like waves wash in,
lapping the shore ever so gentle,
as one year reaches its fin,
it becomes time to set right the wrong.
Thus arrive tendrils of spring in grend beams of light,
imagination can take hold;
creativity set to flight.
Coming forth so bold,
a promise is made,
many words are exchanged,
massive happenings unfold.
Plans have been laid,
the future lies in range.

I hope you enjoy this poem, I got the idea for it late one night (as usual) and as soon as I finished I felt the urge to rock out to Dark Chest of Wonders, by Nightwish. Enjoy!
Once again, I'd really like to thank everybody who reads my blog, it means a lot to know that I have an audience. What's in store for next year? I'm glad I asked, you can expect a greater variety of books, more content, such as book trailers to accompany reviews, my take on video games (I'm still working on that set of articles on their history, the industry, etc.), and, here's where things get interesting; I'm upping my goal from last year of 12 posts a year all the way to 18 posts a year! I'm pretty sure I can do it.

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