Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Train Ride

A Train Ride
Photo by Jourdan Cameron. CC-BY-NC
by Jourdan Cameron

The earth, rumbling, shaking, quaking,
much loud noise coming from afar,
"It arrives" I think, just as the air begins to break.
Beneath my feet the ground shivers,
incessant tremors,
"So little time that this will take."
In mere seconds it is here, riding a burst of wind,
affording small creatures great terror,
making me fully awake.
A flash of gray,
so much gleaming silver,
as I climb aboard,
to ride along the river.
People flood in after,
pooling into a space,
each one searching hard,
to find the right place.
Bumbling, bustling, banging about,
they flounder around,
some whisper, others shout,
people howl,
people pout.
The boiling mass at last simmers down,
interchanging thoughts,
sharing smiles and the occasional frown.
The ride moves forward as the day goes on,
but the day can only be so long.
Night descends,
dropping as a veil,
small towns illumed faintly,
shedding light so pale.
The ride is always swaying,
an ungainly type of steady.
Darkness fills the train and people speak in whisper,
leaving me wondering as to what they could be saying.
A sudden bump lays me flat against my seat;
for those, it seems, I can never be ready.
I sit back, considering each tiny township,
thinking of the townsfolk.
Are they pleasant to meet?
I drift off asleep after much consideration,
my thoughts at last quelled,
soothed by constant vibration.
But once I awake with a start; we are no longer in motion!
Is it the time to leave?
At the sight of the darkness I banish the notion.
Rocked back to sleep I finally am.
I wake up to breakfast that comes in no hurry,
with eggs and bread and jam.
I hurriedly eat, drink, and yet again eat,
as my stomach reaches a cram,
I finish my food and return to my seat,
free from the usual worry.
Undauntedly advancing we move ahead,
happy, healthy, and for the most part fed,
ever forward to the final destination,
"Last call" loudly said,
Such is the train taking you on vacation.

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