Saturday, April 04, 2009

A few opinions...

OK, here would be a review of a few books...
The first is about a series, one of several unfortunate events. In fact, the series is called A Series of Unfortunate Events.
I absolutely loved it, I give it about 4.5 stars. My only complaint is that the series could have been long, but in all honesty, could Mr. Snicket have created 13 more books of misfortune? He's had enough for one lifetime.

By Ernest Hemingway, I read The Old Man and the Sea
It was a very interesting book, I recommend it if you enjoy Swordfish fishing, or books about people trapped in boats. I cannot, however, recommend it if you don't enjoy seeing sharks demonized, as was done in this book. Though the sharks struck me as symbolic (taking away what you worked so hard to achieve) I think Hemingway gives the sharks a bad name.
Despite the small size of the book (around 100 pages) it was very well written, and a recommendable read at four stars.

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