Sunday, April 04, 2010

1st Anniverary!

April 4th, 2009... If I could go back to that day... Oh yes! I can! With the magic of archives...

That day, I decided I would start my blog, and chose what it would be for:

Welcome to I Read This!, a blog all about things I, Jourdan Cameron, read.
I'm here so I can keep track, and also to tell you what I thought about certain books, and maybe you'll want to read them too!
So come along with me on a well-read journey! Not only will I cover the classics, I will also read more modern books, as well as books that could be considered (in a word) middle-aged.

I was, at the time, 14! Now, I am 15.87 (courtesy of Wolfram Alpha) years old,  and I've decided for this week to post mostly about myself, the author. Perhaps you might want a little background info on me. Perhaps not. Nonetheless, I'll give you a little peek into my world, my influences, and show you a couple things I've been simply dying to.
So, to get started, I leave a link to my Youtube channels, and

Thank you for reading,

Jourdan Cameron

P.S. Next post comes with something awesome! Stay tuned.

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