Thursday, April 01, 2010

Website Review: Guvera

I see you there! Looking around suspiciously. I know, you're reading a book blog. Why a website review? Well, sometimes I'll reach a website that interests me (and possibly you too!) very, very, much, and it thus deserves a review. What do I have for you? Right now, it's Guvera. Not the revolutionary, but the music website.

It's premise is to give you what you want- free music- and what the artists/their overlords (Overlords? Did I say that? I mean't record companies, sorry for the mix-up) want, that being to get paid. So how does this happen if you're downloading the music free? Guvera aims ads at you- but not just any ads.
As an added bonus we have removed the very concept of "Disruptive Advertising" and replaced it with "Engagement Advertising".
What that means to you and me is we have removed the white noise of irrelevant crap being thrown at us - and now we only see brands that are actually speaking to us, as opposed to everyone seeing everything.
So their point is to show you ads that actually regard products that interest you. This way, there's a greater chance the advertiser is going to receive a customer. Everybody's happy.

Guvera's advertising is based off your interests, which, when you enter them, seem to go too deep or are too shallow. For example, under favorite gadgets, options range from Airplane/Helicopter to Cigar Cutter to Computer to Guitar. These are relatively forgivable, however, as the website is still in Beta.

In short: I seriously recommend you keep an eye on this one, it's seriously a brilliant idea. If you like free music, this website is definitely for you.

I have an important announcement to make: this blog is no longer about reviews, but in light of recent events it's now going to be about the life cycle of the squirell. How did I reach that, you ask? Well not too long ago, I was working on a stone walkway when a squirrel ran through the trees above me, and inspired me, with it's agility, and nimbleness. When I got home I was pretty sore, so I just sat back, and started thinking 'wow, how does the squirell do it'? Thus, I've decided to study their life cycle, inner workings and social lives in order to gain a proper understanding of them and maybe even innovate new technologies from their amazing designs. Perhaps I could even start posting recipies for all sorts of soups, stews, cake, etc., that involve squirell meat and get into the farming side of things. What you're looking at right now is a poorly constructed joke for the month of April, so please disregard the whole squirrel farming thing. Seriously.

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