Thursday, April 08, 2010

Heart on Vacation

Heart on Vacation
By Jourdan Cameron

Last Night the strangest thing happened when I went into my bed;
I felt Emily's funeral happen right inside my head.
An odd sensation it was indeed
'twas strange and preposterous I wondered where it could lead.
Within my chest my heart would declare, all of my life so grand an affair.
Whimsically wonderfully brilliant it would bare - the night I was happy and so without care.
So glad and happy from long sad demure, since my little young heart had found it's cure! This night, though, met a strange recommendation;
Quite beating today and don't start on the morrow
Lest I be refilled with such aching sorrow.
Madness, Crazy, Unadulterated Insanity! What kind of sickening treachery to trigger terribly tragic calamity! A sick heart, indeed, why this suggestion? Slow down, stop, permanent vacation? To be halted forevermore? No more haunted, to again deplore? Surely, Surely a better solution at hand, one to over-suffice this weird advice?
I must find, Just must the toxic taproot- the thing talking words so heavy and brute. Watching the clock I seek a solution, certain salvations solution.
Carefully, plotting the stroke of a pen, bright ideas to fruition. Minutes tick by as I seek out the key, Knowing I do need this knowledge
Feeling the strain that arrives free of pain I seek on full elation
I'm pretty sure I can fix my cardiac relation
"You have me wrong and misunderstood, dear sir, you're sadly mistaken."
So said this heart on vacation.
"To stop I shall not, I simply seek relaxation"
Such a small thing, to grant this fine muscle,
Something so long overdue,
A small break it took, a short one I'd take, bracing for worse, peeking up at clear skies storm clouds wouldn't brew.
Simple happiness, little bliss, my dear reader, I bid you farewell's kiss.

I breathed a mega sigh of relief- I finished this poem!

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